Meet the Barone Family! This is what a day in November/December looks like in Texas….dresses and this shirts…. And then the next day could be snow! It is so hard to prep for our bipolar weather. Shelly did an amazing job at coordinating everyones outfits. Actually I think she said she picked them that […]

Zeke came into the studio for what we call a “sitter session”. This can be from 6-9 months. This was a great way to see his little personality before he begins to run all over the place. Lord knows they run fast once they learn. Zeke was not sure what to think in the beginning […]

You guys…..I can not tell you how happy my heart is when I can make friends with my clients. The ones that let me call them up on a whim and they will find a sitter, go shopping and meet me at a park because I had some things that I wanted to do. I […]

Parker came in to see me for her newborn session just 2 days after my mom passed away.  I was in shock still but needed this sweet baby to keep my mind off of everything. She was so so good. I actually don’t remember her making anything more than a tiny squeal….once.